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Volume Density Calculator

This density calculator has been designed specifically for intra-Canada shipments and is based on the Day & Ross Cubing Policy for domestic freight. If you use this calculator to determine the density of US cross border shipments, please note that this tool does not provide density based on actual dimensions when dealing with certain non-standard dimensioned freight. The density provided may not be applicable for the correct NMFC rating of your US cross border shipments.

US cross border shipments are generally subject to density based on actual dimensions. Please refer to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) guidelines and definitions to determine a shipment’s actual class. If you have a customized US density tariff published by Day & Ross, or if you need assistance with simplified and easy-to-use density-driven NMFC-based pricing, please call Spot Quotes at 1 (888) 657-7070 or speak with a Day & Ross sales representative.



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